General Pest

  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from side and roof of home to break the land bridge insects use to go from plants into home
  • Remove clutter from the perimeter of home, this removes the harborgae areas of the insects.
  • Outside lighting should be the yellow “bug free” variety.
  • Keep garbage cans away from entry points of your home. This will help keep insects and other wildlife from locating a food source and foraging inside.
  • Minimize mulch beds, they provide shelter and moisture for a wide variety of insects.
  • Pet food and dishes should not be left outside. They attract not only insects but other wildlife.


  • Have an annual inspections performed by trained, qualified inspectors, such as at DoodleBug Termite & Pest Control.
  • Direct water sources, such as gutter downspouts, A/C drip lines, and sprinklers, away from your home.
  • Over mulching around the foundation can enhance termite activity.
  • A four-inch zone should exist between the soil and any type of wood around the exterior of home to allow for proper inspection.
  • Eliminate wood to ground contact and areas where stucco extends below the soil line on wood-frame construction.
  • Large amount of wings along window sills or dead bodies may indicate an active infestation, contact DoodleBug Termite & Pest Control for an evaluation.


  • Only water your lawn when it needs it, as temporary wilt appears, gray areas with the leaf blades closed.
  • Water in early morning hours, no more than 3/4 inch.
  • Maintain recommended mowing heights for turf types with sharp blades to reduce fungus growth and moisture loss.
  • Do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when mowing to reduce unnecessary watering.
  • Minimize shade to allow sufficient sunlight to reach the grass and allow photosynthesis to occur.